Blast from the past … a few of Lori’s songs …

A friend asked me about Lori’s CD we put together several years ago and next thing I knew I was in the time machine listening to Lori’s songs and away from tomorrow’s message prep …
Anyway … thought some of you might like a pleasant detour … a quick trip to yesterday … or just to hear a young woman of God honoring her Lord in music …

Please note these are not high fidelity recordings, but I do believe they will bless your heart as they have mine and so many others.

American Dream by Lori Ann (Scott) Stargardt

Forever Changed by Lori Ann (Scott) Stargardt

Hallelujah by Lori Ann (Scott) Stargardt

He Loves You by Lori Ann (Scott) Stargardt

Hey Neighbor by Lori Ann (Scott) Stargardt and David Lee Scott

Sing a Song by Lori Ann (Scott) Stargardt

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