Check out “Hyperwords” add-on for Firefox

If you do any kind of research on the web, you will want this Firefox add-on.  By the way, if you are not using   Firefox, you should be.  Way better than Internet Explorer and you really don’t have to choose.  You can have them both installed.

Add-ons for Firefox
Hyperwords 5.6.5 by Hyperwords
Hyperwords :: Add-ons for Firefox (3 January 2010)

An example of using

I selected this text to use as an illustration for my book.  All I did was highlight the paragraph as if I were going to copy it, and the Hyperwords menu pops up.  I then chose to save with links and here it is.  I snipped this quote off the page and have my source automatically copied.

Here is what I copied:

To top it all off, paintings have sometimes been “restored” by means of having a lesser-talented artist repaint portions of it–and sometimes, elements of the original have been painted over completely to hide an offending element. (In the Sistine Chapel, for example, 16th century Vatican artists painted in strips of cloth to hide the nudity of Michelangelo’s original figures. In another case, a coat of arms that originally appeared in Tintoretto’s Paradiso was painted over with a cloud.)
Art restoration » Edward Willett (3 January 2010)

Hyperwords copied the internet address; I did have to make the link active.

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