Dad and daughter music from “100 years ago” …

Lori Stargardt music from yesteryear.

  • Okay. So you can only eat so much and watch so much NBA. Yes, I’m bored and not into heavy duty study which is usually my direction when I reach this point.
  • And … I ran into this music from days gone by when dad (me) and daughter (Lori) had thoughts of producing and selling her music.
  • I produced and sang some background vocals … also some instrumental work … harmonica on one or two … and then software instruments via Logic Pro … such as violin … distant telephone voice on American Dream … and other cool sounds.
  • Lori did all the keyboard work, I believe. And she wrote all the songs with the exception of “Hey Neighbor” which we did her version of my song.
  • I produced in my home studio. I think I called it OneSojourn Productions.
  • So here they are.

American Dream

Forever Changed


He Loves You

Hey Neighbor

Sing a Song


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2 Responses to Dad and daughter music from “100 years ago” …

  1. Randy Pittman says:

    Thanks, Pastor. I downloaded those songs to my IPhone and Plugged it in to my new Bluetooth Speaker (a present from Stacie) and we started our day listening to Lori and you playing and singing. Great way to start the day!

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