Oh me of little faith.

Are you ever surprised by how little faith you have?  I am.

I am not saying this as we sometimes do, slobbering around in false modesty, being “proudly” humble (yech) and all.

I am confessing my bewilderment at how little faith and trust I have in God at times, how I will roll through life and forget about God and his greatness.


How can I do that?  How do I get to that place?

As I was praying on the way to work a few mornings ago, feeling discouraged and encouraged at once as I shared this time with God, I spoke this to God — “But you are all I have.”

Now, initially that may seem good, but here is what occurred to me as I said it.  “Wow, Dave, how big of you.  God must really feel better that you have acknowledged him in this way.  He has probably been waiting all morning for someone to give him his due.”

Then a wave of realization of God’s patience and graciousness rushed over me.   Oh, Lord, I am so thankful you understand us in the way you do.

“You are all I have.”

How big of me.  It is true but come on, Dave, God is everything.

Could it be that God may just be able to do something about all the “situations” that I was struggling with?

Oh me of little faith.

Praise you, Father!  Great is your faithfulness and graciousness.

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