Talking donkeys, dumb asses. . .my bad?

“I believe in talking donkeys.”

I first heard the term a few years ago during a telephone conversation with an acquaintance of years gone by.

That is what she said during our talk.  “I believe in talking donkeys.”

I was familiar with the biblical reference from the events with Balaam and his donkey in Numbers 22, but I guess I found it odd, strange, that we would want to characterize our faith in this way.  I know we are always looking for a catch phrase, a little spin, but why?

“Don’t we get it?”
I mean don’t we understand what we actually have in Christ, in his words, if we are always searching for that next thing, the next banner to hold, cause to follow?  Are we overlooking the treasure for the glitter, the pizzazz?

Do we really have to spin it, fluff it up, sprinkle on a little pizzazz to make it worth having?

Besides, I don’t know what the big deal is about talking donkeys.  I hear dumb asses talk all the time.

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