Sorry I haven’t been around a while …


I have a new main site; hopefully will be the hub for my web activity.

The new site is:

I have neglected this site for some time, mostly because of finishing work on my book, Beyond Pretend. I will probably discontinue adding to this site as I am trying to focus my efforts on fewer irons in the fire. I still plan to keep the site on line as that is no trouble and I do have many posts for anyone’s perusal who may happen to drop by.

I am also starting a podcast which I hope to get going later this week.  The plan is for it to be weekly; time I am not sure of; I have listened to several podcasts and times are very different from a 1 1/2 minute to an hour or more.  I believe a doable target will be in the 15 minute to 30 minute range.

Check out the new site; I have links there to everything else; as I say that will be the new hub.


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