Mediocrity demanded and hang on to that cheeseburger.

I don’t know what your workplace is like.

I have a pretty good job most of the time. It doesn’t pay a lot, but we keep the bills paid. This is the second time I have worked for this company. The first time I was a good employee. When I returned to them 12 years ago, I determined that I would be an excellent employee. I have lived up to this most of the time.

And, no, I’m not talking about the kiss-the-boss’s-butt, suck-up, work to be noticed attitude. Yuk!

But I continue to be surprised at the opposition from coworkers if a person tries to excel on the job, go the extra mile, give all you’ve got, 110 percent and other appropriate cliches. . .

The guys I work with are pretty decent. We normally get along pretty well. But I sometimes I am actually ridiculed for doing my job well. To some being paid hourly means to do as little as possible in that hour and still hold your job.

I actually enjoy working hard and performing at the highest level I can and trying to improve.

I actually had a truck driver complain to me because we had filled in an area between two stockpiles and this had blocked his way.

The Problem: He had to put his cheeseburger down to back the truck out.


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