Message MP3 for FFC for Sunday November 30, 2014 …

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Hello to You,

Do you ever wonder where we get such a spirit of fear as we listen to each other within our evangelical and fundamental circles? I hope we are not in denial. Surely we see it. A fear that sometimes grows into an angry and bitter spirit.

  • Fear and anger from that fear that cause us to disobey God when it comes to honoring those in authority over us.
  • Fear and anger from that fear that rob us of the peace of Christ.
  • Fear and anger from that fear that make us forget who we are and forget the powerful, amazing truth that God has brought to us.

Where did the fear come from? From a spirit of slavery. Where did the spirit of slavery come from? From our following our humanity – sinful and otherwise – instead of following the word of God and the Spirit of God.

We are not to be a fearful people. We are told to fear God and tremble before him, but never are we told as believers in Christ to fear man, or fear his political systems, or fear his anti-God legislation.

No! We are exhorted to be strong and courageous! So isn’t it about time that we embraced the truth about ourselves as children of God per the holy word of God and start living it?

Message Title: The Spirit of Adoption as Sons!

Message Text: Romans 8:12-17

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2 Responses to Message MP3 for FFC for Sunday November 30, 2014 …

  1. Dave Otey says:

    Hi Dave : Thank you for your message. I’ve noticed, too, a lot of fear among Christians in getting involved for serving God in the world around them. Instead there is more of a tendency to huddle on bandwagons of silent group protests, repeating the same phrases of discontent, focusing on the dark and bad and negative elements of political/social issues. It’s hard enough to have the whole congregation involved in the running of the local church, and even tougher to get them involved with volunteer efforts for their communities. From my personal growth studies, I’ve learned that one problem too many people have no clue as to their gift, their God given element of light. They have their lives so ingrained in “the usual” groups and activities around them from childhood on, being so busy with “just living”, as defined by the culture and limited possibilities, that the pathways of knowing and growing in their skills of light recede into wishful thinking. Anyway, your piece here is encouraging to rise out of the sleepy fear and become what God gifted us to bless the world with while we’re here. I’m in the process of re-writing the song This World is not my home. My version is This world is my home, starting with the lines–This world is my home. I’m not just passing through. God gave me time with gifts, to have something to do. It will develop into understanding that we DO have a purpose beyond sitting and waiting and watching the world go around and through us. Have a great week. i hope to see you sometime soon. Dave O.

  2. dave says:

    Hi Dave, Thanks for sharing. Still working on a January “jam session.” 🙂

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