STUDY SHEETS for Sunday December 7, 2014 …

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Hello to You,

Thank God It’s Friday! Right? And thank him for every day. 🙂

Sometimes (probably often) we need to place our lives in the perspective of eternity. The Bible teaches us that we are mere vapors, mists, frames of dust.

AND YET … the tremendous opportunity that we have in our time on the planet which is less than a speck on the scale of eternity.

You dig, man? Yes our time here is so brief, but God in his grace gives us opportunity to impact eternity AND … to partner with him in doing this.

If you are not blown away by now, you should be. (Like “blown away” as in awestruck at the greatness of God and his grand and glorious plan.)

Our lives are on “the big screen” for less than a moment in time, and there is no rewind. No do-over. As Dr. Ken Nichols would say, “Life is not a rehearsal.”

So fully equipped by God himself, let’s turn full face to God and live in view of the coming glory!

God has given us amazing roles as fellow servants of Jesus Christ in his grand production:

The Great Day of God!



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